DANOVA – Innovative transport services for blind and visually impaired passengers in the Danube Region

Technical University of Moldova announces the press conference entitled “DANOVA – Innovative transport services for blind and visually impaired passengers in the Danube Region” – a transnational cooperation project co-financed by the “INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme”, one of the European Territorial Cooperation programs, funded by the European Union.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 10:00 AM

WHERE: 22 Pushkin Street, Press House, IPN Hall, of. 446

ACCESS: only for legitimate journalists (limited places), + online

LIVE TRANSMISSION: www.ipn.md, FB.com/ipn.md, YouTube

IMPORTANT for journalists

In consideration of the pandemic, out of concern for the health of those present in our conference room, we have to reduce the number of available seats. We will accept up to 8 journalists in the area with seats and a maximum of 6 journalists in the area for cameramen and photographers. Priority will be given to journalists registered in advance, through sending a Text Message to the phone number 079170184 (specifying the name of the journalist, the name of the cameraman / photographer, as the case may be, and the name of the media outlet / press office / news agency). The access criterion for the conference is first come, first served, until all available seats are filled. IPN reserves the right to deny access to illegitimate journalists and people outside the journalistic sphere. Wearing a mask in the conference room and in the hallway is mandatory.

Journalists who will choose to watch the event online can ask questions to the organizers via Text Messages to the phone number 060101802, as well as through the Agency’s Facebook page. The name of the journalist asking the question, as well as the name of the press office / media outlet shall be specified.

Contact details IPN: 022930073, 069155495, v.vasilica@info-prim.md

Content disclaimer

The organizers of the events – not the IPN news agency – are solely responsible for the theme of the event, as well as for the statements made during the event.

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