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The dean of FUA-TUM appointed as interim general director of ASD

The dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Technical University of Moldova, assoc. prof., Dr. Sergiu BEJAN, has been appointed interim general director of SOE “State Road Administration”.

The new director was introduced to the ASD team by the deputy prime minister, the minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Andrei SPÎNU, and the director of the Public Property Agency, Eugeniu COZONAC.

Minister SPÎNU emphasized the great responsibility of the new director of ASD: “He takes over a domain that needs careful monitoring and development – without bribery or favors”, the minister noted.

The interim general director of ASD expressed his gratitude for the trust of his colleagues and stated his intention to do his utmost in order to improve the transport infrastructure in the country: “We will make sure that good roads won’t remain only a concept on paper. I urge the collaborators to be proactive, to come up with ideas and solutions for improving the national roads, increasing the road safety and ensuring appropriate conditions for a fluent and continuous traffic”, added Sergiu BEJAN.

Mr. BEJAN has extensive experience in road and bridge design, is a certified technical expert in Chapter B. 3a, b, 4, 7, 8, C. in the fields of road and railway construction. He also graduated and obtained the title of Doctor of Mechanical Engineering at the University “Dunărea de Jos Galați”, at the Faculty of Mechanics in Brăila, Romania, and published over 25 articles and scientific publications. He participated as chief project engineer in the field of “Road Construction” in over 60 objects of national roads in the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

We wish for a fruitful activity and great achievements to the dean and director Sergiu BEJAN!

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