A new cooperation plan with JICA on Japanese engineering education

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is open to deepen its cooperation with the Technical University of Moldova through initiating a new program. The project will contribute to strengthening the development process of advanced industrial human resources within the Republic of Moldova through Japanese-style engineering education, which includes teaching methods, curriculum, collaboration between the university, the industry and the government, etc.

The vice-rector for Financial Affairs and International Relations, Daniela POJAR, and the head of the International Relations Service, Cristina EFREMOV, have discussed the topic with the resident representative of JICA, SUGIMOTO Satoshi, and the technical coordinator for JICA in Moldova, Mariana STRATULAT, in a meeting on the implementation of the project “Development of Advanced Industrial Human Resource through Japanese Style Engineering Education”. The establishment of new bilateral partnerships with various universities in Japan has also been addressed.

Daniela POJAR has underlined her appreciation for the support offered by JICA, which contributed to the consolidation of the collaboration relations between the Republic of Moldova and Japan regarding the implementation of JICA technical cooperation projects in the Republic of Moldova, as well as the initiation of future bilateral cooperation relations with universities from Japan.

Both parties agreed on the importance and utility of technical cooperation with JICA and the resulting projects of the collaboration.

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