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The 2021 Admission has started! Join the “I am UTM!” contest

Today, July 19th, the Technical University of Moldova starts the 2021 Admission season for all admission candidates. We are waiting for you to join and explore the faculties and technical-engineering specialties of TUM!

This year, the University Center for Information and Career Guidance (CEGHID) has designed a banner in front of which admission candidates can take photos and videos, marking the beginning of their journey as part of the TUM family. 

In this context, TUM announces a contest of the coolest and funniest pictures of the admission candidates taken at the “I am #UTM!” banner. The creators of the photos with the highest number of likes on Facebook will be awarded with various TUM brand souvenirs.

We already have our first contestant: Sandu GORIȚĂ, TUM Bachelor graduate, who joined the admission session in order to apply for a Master’s Degree at TUM.

In fact, Sandu is also the first graduate-employee of TUM, author of the CEGHID banner, and one of the most diligent students at FIMIT – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport. The graduate of “Industrial Design” proved to be a creative and artistic individual, eventually becoming a designer within the CEGHID team. Currently, Sandu is an appreciated and respected specialist at the University, as well as an example of TUM’s ongoing principle of integrating studies with creation and professional development.

Dear admission candidates, join the CEGHID-UTM campaign and let the world know “I am #UTM!”.

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