The Technical University of Moldova, in partnership with the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “Ion Ionescu de la Brad” in Iasi, realizes the cross-border project IntelWastes – INTELLIGENT VALORIZATION OF INDUSTRIAL AGRO-FOOD WASTE, funded by the European Union, Joint Operational Program Romania – Republic of Moldova -2020. Project development period (18 months): September 2020 – February 2022. The project is carried out with the involvement of companies in the agro-food sector. The EMS ENI number of the project is 2SOFT / 1.2 / 83.

Between November 2020 and May 2021 a questionnaire was developed in order to capitalize on the situation in the field of agro-food waste processing and a survey was carried out among agro-food enterprises in the Republic of Moldova and Romania. Among the 12 key questions we can mention: whether there is interest from enterprises in the separation of waste; if there is waste management within the company; if the waste costs are recorded; whether enterprises need support in the given direction, etc.

During the survey reference period, 30 enterprises participated: 25 companies from the Republic of Moldova and 5 companies from Romania. Of the total number of enterprises surveyed, 21 are in the field of winemaking, 7 in the field of fruit and vegetable processing and 2 in another agro-food sector.

The importance of developing the understanding recovery of waste in the agro-food sector was supported by 21 companies, who responded that they would need such support in this direction.

The IntelWastes project database can be accessed at the following link:


Summer School: “Nanotechnologies and Biomedicine in relation to the challenges of the 21st century”

What are nanotechnologies and what is their impact within biomedicine? What are the pandemics that mankind has gone through throughout history? What are the benefits of building a renewable energy society and how is Earth’s health connected to the health of humans?

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Success Stories. The experience of collaborating within research projects funded/co-financed by the EU

On the occasion of Europe Day, the Technical University of Moldova organizes a webinar dedicated to the scientific cooperation with the European Union, entitled “Success Stories. The experience of collaborating within research projects funded/co-financed by the EU”, which will take place on May 12, 2021, starting at 2 PM.

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FEIE-UTM: visited by students of the Theoretical High School „C. Spătaru” in Leova

The Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering received a visit from a group of high school students from the Theoretical High School “Constantin Spătaru”, in Leova. The tour was organized with the purpose of informing young people about the study opportunities within the respective faculty of the Technical University of Moldova.

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FET: Project Management – a standard of performance in the field of telecommunications

The Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications (FET), in collaboration with Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH, finalized the series of webinars on “Project management – a standard of performance in telecommunications”, organized for students in the Bachelor and Master cycles.

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Marcela FRIPTU, graduate of FIEB: Man must not set himself any limits!

Years ago, Marcela FRIPTU’s dream was to set up a business, expand it and make connections with prestigious international partners. After being enrolled at the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business within the Technical University of Moldova, she managed to finally fulfill her dream, though she did not stop here. As Marcela declared: “Man must not set himself any limits!”.

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