An alumna of TUM, Natalia CIOBOTARU, graduate of the Electroenergetics specialty in 2003, accepted the invitation to introduce the first year students of the Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering to the new software product of Schneider Electric, a company within which she works as a consultant in the design of reliable electrical installations, in accordance with European IEC standards.

FEIE students proved to be very interested in the new EcoStruxure Power Design tool of the Schneider Electric company – a leader in the field of data center infrastructure management systems. The new software product is dedicated to the sizing and designing of medium and low voltage electrical installations, as well as the configuration of protective equipment.

What does the new ESP Design bring:

  • Performing calculations in real time for any change in parameters;
  • Using predefined symbols in drawing electrical diagrams;
  • Reducing errors by using compatible solutions;
  • Exporting results in various reports, including graphical diagrams;
  • Generating summation tables with the equipment used, as well as the cost of the installation, etc.

The students were invited to register on the Schneider portal dedicated to designers, where online lessons and guides on design aspects of electrical installations are posted and where they can participate, entirely free of charge, in various webinars and training courses, with the possibility of being certified.

This is the first event organized together with the Schneider Electric company, which will continue with a series of specialized training courses for students in their final year.

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