How to ace a recruitment interview? – suggestions from Stefanini GROUP

How and where to search for a job? How to put together a CV? How to prepare for a recruitment interview?

Students of the Bachelor and the Master cycles from the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications of the Technical University of Moldova had the opportunity to participate in an interactive workshop on the topic “Tips and tricks for an interview”, organized online by a representative of the well-known IT company Stefanini GROUP – Cristina DOLOSCAN, recruitment specialist.

This workshop was the perfect opportunity to help students understand the most important aspects when applying for a job and participating in an interview, as well as to evaluate their previous experiences in this regard. The essential conclusion reached by the participants within the interactive dialogue was rather apparent: attitude matters.

Students were presented with a series of standpoints, solutions and tips for an effective demonstration of their knowledge, skills and talents in the selection process for the position they aspire to obtain. One should:

  • Spend time researching the field of activity and the requirements of the company.
  • Make sure one understands the responsibilities and skills required.
  • Prepare the questions for the interviewer – an interview is a two-way discussion and one should see it as an opportunity to find out more about the role and purpose of the company’s business.

It is important to notice that interviews (should) have “two ends”: it’s not only the companies that select candidates, but also the candidates select companies. Hence, every discussion is a mutual assessment experience!

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