40 participants from the Faculty of Constructions, Geodesy and Cadastre of TUM attended the Annual Technical-Scientific Conference of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral students, held online.

Students of the 3 university cycles, guided by their professors, have expressed their aspiration to contribute to the progress of science, particularly the concerns of the construction industry and the objective of meeting the needs of society.

Within the Civil Engineering and Geodesy section, 19 students from FCGC-UTM, as well as from Russia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, have addressed topics such as:

  • News, innovations and trends in concrete technology;
  • Essential benefits in the inoffensive operation of housing;
  • Operational applications on real estate;
  • Application of GIS technologies in ICT systems of local and central public administration.

According to the decision of the commission, made up of teachers from the Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, the following participants were awarded:

1st Place Diploma – Natalia AFANASIEV, gr. IGC-1804, for the paper “Formation of real estate by division located in Chișinău”;

2nd Place Diploma – Nina POPOVICI, gr. CIC-1701, for the paper “Innovations in the technology of concrete”;

3rd Place Diploma – Iulian BURLAC, gr. GC-1903M, for the paper “Application of GIS technologies in the management of beekeeping in the country”.

Students mentioned: Eugeniu ȚÎGANU (gr. GC-2003M), Cristina VISTERNICEANU (gr. EDI-2004), Dana BULAT (gr. IMC-1902), Nicoleta PUȘCAȘU (gr. IMC-1902), Tamara POPOVICI (gr. IMC-1902), Maxim BOGDAN (gr. CIC-1701), Denis TUMAN (gr. IMC-1902), Vladislav ȘUTEAC (gr. IMC-1902).

In the Engineering, Law and Property Assessment section, 13 students participated with works on several topics: from engineering issues to real estate management and legal issues in the Republic of Moldova. Accordingly, the IDEI Department committee awarded the following students:

1st Place Diploma – Andrei ZUZA, gr. EDI-1706, for the paper “Management and analysis of housing in Chișinău”;

2nd Place Diploma – Dan ALBU, gr. IMC-1902, for the paper “The influence of air humidity on buildings and human comfort”;

3rd Place Diploma – Victoria NICOLAEV, gr. DP-1905, for the paper “Researching the concept of competition”.

Mentioned – Vlad URSU, gr. DP-1905.


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