Ideas, concepts and judgements in philosophy, ethics, communication and law – these were the issues discussed in the Technical-Scientific Conference of UTM Bachelor, Master and Doctoral students within the subsection organized by the Department of Social & Human Sciences within FCIM.

The conference participants aimed to answer a series of philosophical questions: How does philosophy influence thinking and the overall conception about the world? How do we understand the concept of being? Existentialism – the problem of human existence? To what extent can we direct our ethical actions and how is ethics management presented in this context? How do we categorize our actions as moral/immoral? And what is actually good?

To paraphrase Mikel Dufrenne, a French philosopher and aesthetician, a well-done thing is primarily due to the attitude of those involved. In this case, the attitude of the participants in the conference resulted in a well-deserved success.

“The level of knowledge accumulated and demonstrated by students revealed that the current generation is a dynamic one, that includes essential value coordinates and priority axiological norms”, says Associate Professor, Dr. Ecaterina LOZOVANU, Head of the Department of Social & Human Sciences at FCIM-UTM.

The event welcomed students from other countries, such as Tajikistan, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, which also contributed to maintaining the competitive spirit of the participants.

According to scores, the most noteworthy works were of the following students:

  • Olga TOMA, gr. MI-181, FCIM-UTM – 1st place
  • Valeria PETROV, gr. DTP-172, FTP-UTM – 2nd place.
  • Anastasia NOVIKOVA, gr.19, Reazan, Russian Federation – 3rd place.

The organizers thank the students for their perseverance, intelligence and activism. Congratulations!

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