In October 2020, professor Ion JARDAN brilliantly defended his Doctoral Thesis in Mathematical Sciences at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics “Vladimir Andrunachievici”, and today he was handed his Doctoral Degree in Mathematical Sciences at the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research.

Mr. Ion Jardan has been teaching students of the Technical University of Moldova for many years, also conducting courses for BAC exam preparation for high school students. The beloved professor of Mathematics has worked on a topical subject in Mathematical Logic, Algebra and Number Theory within his Doctoral Thesis: “On some special constructions from theory of radicals in categories of modules”, under the auspices of its scientific adviser, Dr. Alexei CAȘU. He had a clear word to say in this area. Using classical methods of algebra focused on the research of algebraic operations and their properties, he combined these methods with a modern approach, related to the categorical aspect. Thus, the well known four operations in the class of preradicals are completed by four new operations, namely: the left quotient with respect to join, the left coquotient with respect to meet, the left quotient with respect to meet, and the left coquotient with respect to join.

Sincere congratulations, professor and scientist Ion JARDAN, and much success in your research!

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