Starting with their second year at the University, the students of the study program “Architecture” within the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of UTM carry out their workshop projects on “Conceptual Housing” with the help of advanced 3D modeling tools – Allplan and Lumion (for architectural visualization).

Even though this state-of-the-art software helps students to create and build an accurate representation of their vision, from the simplest to the most daring ideas, with absolute freedom in their creative process, the execution of these projects has been a real challenge for them, as they were being coordinated simultaneously within two courses: the Architectural Design course, conducted by univ. lect. Diana ANDRONOVICI, and the Computer Aided Design course, conducted univ. lect. Radu ANDRONIC.

The students were thrilled not only by the functionality, but also by the freedom of choosing the location of their project, which led to a bigger and more interesting range of concepts. Moreover, the ability to easily create and view projects in Allplan and Lumion has contributed to a better definition and understanding of ideas and helped with the online communication with the team of mentors.

Congratulations to the students and their professors for completing a collection of excellent projects!

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