A series of activities aiming to promote STEM strategies (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in pre-university education institutions are planned by the Technical University of Moldova, with the support of the Center for Career Information and Guidance – CEGHID (director: Radu MELNIC).

The activities, currently organized online, will include a collection of webinars and seminars, providing the necessary support in the development of STEM strategies and the acquisition of the STEM School Label by the participating institutions.

The STEM School Label provides the assistance necessary for pre-university education institutions to evaluate and exploit their potential, in accordance with the criteria that define a STEM school.

The activities to be initiated are a consequence of UTM’s association to the SCIENTIX project in October 2020, as National Contact Point in STEM, the University being the only institution in Eastern Europe that has been granted this status. The project promotes and supports collaboration at European level between STEM teachers, education researchers and STEM education professionals. The list of associated countries includes Poland, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Ireland and Moldova.

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