What is the Contextual Design of printing products? How is semantic design manifested in Advertising Graphics? What do Augmented Reality wine labels look like? Or what are the advantages of Eco packaging design?

This extensive range of topics was addressed by the graduates of the Master’s program “Polygraph Design and Technologies” within the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy.

The objectives they set for themselves in their Master’s theses have been proficiently fulfilled through freedom of imagination, applied both aesthetically and constructively. Aware of the prospects of their profession and passionate about its purpose, the graduates are driven by the contribution they bring to the development of top quality products and the mark they leave in building the image and the style of a company.

Guided by the teachers of the Department of Design and Polygraph Technologies – associate professor, Dr Constantin SPÎNU; associate professor, Dr. Viorica CAZAC; associate professor, Dr. Jana CÎRJA, the Master students Ilinca STRILCIUC, Yan VRÂNCEAN, Tatiana BAICEV, Lorina NEAGA, Alexandrina CHICAROȘ and Larisa CAPBĂTUT revealed to have a remarkable openness and broad vision in their work, and, implicitly, a thorough training in the field.

Congratulations, dear Master graduates!

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