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Winter ARCHDESIGN Festival, dedicated to the creative fields of UTM

The Winter ARCHDESIGN Festival, now at its second edition, brought together 120 participants to create a platform for collaboration and exchange of experience for students and teachers in the specialties of Architecture and Design. This year, the festival was organized online.

Starting with an introduction about the departments and their respective study programs, the heads of the departments presented a short historical background of the creative fields of UTM:

55 years of creativity at the Department of Architecture – PhD architect, associate professor Aurelia CARPOV, univ. lect. Ala CARCEA;

25 years of creativity at the Industrial Fashion Design Program – associate professor, PhD Marcela IROVAN, univ. lect. Alina TOCARCIUC;

22 years of creativity at the Industrial and Product Design Department – associate professor Valeriu PODBORSCHI, univ. lect. Elena MADAN;

15 years of creativity at the Polygraph Design and Technologies Program – univ. lect. Lucia ADASCALIȚA;

15 YEARS of creativity at the Interior Design Program – univ. lect., PhD Art., Liliana PLATON, univ. lect. Vladimir EPUREAN.

The festival included a Contest of the Creative Industries within UTM, for which 112 works were prepared for the 3 sections: GREETING CARD, GIF, VIDEO. The creativity and stylistic interpretation of the authors were appreciated by a Jury made up of renowned individuals in the field of architecture and design: Prof., Dr. Arch. Augustin IOAN, president of the Association for the Royal Heritage Peleș, Bucharest, Romania; Carolina TULGARA, designer, executive director of the Center for Excellence and Acceleration in Design and Technologies ZIPhouse, UTM; Iulian POIA, designer, director of IndART company, Chişinău, Elena BAGROVA, designer, FlexLabel printing house, Chişinău; Viorel LUPAȘCU, designer, founder, art director at Key Interiors company, Brașov, Romania.

The jury selected the following winners of the competition:


Diana CHIHAIAL, 3rd year, ARH-183 – 445 p., 1st place Diploma,

Iana FONARIUC, 4th year, DIN-172 – 380 p., 2nd place Diploma,

Anastasia SANDU, 4th year, DIN-172 – 375 p., 2nd place Diploma,

Adelina COCIORVĂ, 1st year, DIN-201 – 370 p., 3rd place Diploma,

Ecaterina TRICAZIUC, 4th year, DIN-172 – 365 p., 3rd place Diploma,

Dumitru PETRACHE, 3rd year, ARH-181 – 365 p., 3rd place Diploma.

GIF section

Elena CUTIS, 3rd year, ARH-181 – 295 p., 3rd place Diploma,

VIDEO section

Mircea ZUBCU, 4th year, DI-171 – 460 p., 1st place Diploma,

Alexandr COVBASA, 1st year, DI-202 – 385 p., 2nd place Diploma,

Cristina CASIAN, 3rd year, DIN-182 – 385 p., 2nd place Diploma,

Ecaterina GUTU, 1st year, DI-202 – 380 p., 3rd place Diploma.

The sponsors of the event offered diplomas and special prizes to students Mircea Zubcu, Cristina Şincari, Iana Fonariuc, Oxana Anton, Adriana Cujba, Vlada Raileanu, Mariana Catană, Irina Rotaru, Iana Ghelan, Ana-Lucia Secrieru, Arina Popov, Diana Musteață, Irina Rotaru.

The moderator and author of the event concept, associate professor, PhD, architect Sergiu TRONCIU, mentioned that the organization of this beautiful event was possible thanks to the joint contribution of the University administration, UTM professors and students, but also of the partners and sponsors of the event: the company ALLIED TESTING-QA and Testing Specialists for Financial Applications; Free Economic Zone BĂLȚI; Astral Proiect SRL Company; GRIF company – stationery store & handmade utensils; Center of Excellence and Acceleration in Design and Technologies ZIPhouse; CEGHID UTM Center; the media partner Diez.md, the Student Trade Union Committee and of the UTM Student Senate, but also the UTM administration, in the person of the rector, Dr.. Viorel BOSTAN, and the deans of the faculties – associate professor, Dr. Valentina BULGARU, FTP; associate professor, Dr. Sergiu BEJAN, FUA; associate professor, Dr. Sergiu DÂNTU, FIMIT.

The organizers encouraged the young creators to participate in the subsequent editions of the Winter ArchDesign Festival, the third edition being scheduled for December 2021, dedicated to the International Year of Peace and Confidence, declared by the UN.

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