The Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering of UTM celebrated the Energy Day, traditionally marked on December 22, by organizing the student competition “Electric Hackathon 2020“. The event took place in FabLab, the largest prototyping and small-scale production workshop in the Republic of Moldova, always open for those who want to develop transformational projects for the community.

The competition “Turn ON your power” was intended for students with knowledge of Arduino programming, electrical movement and drive, and 3D printing. For 2 days (December 18 and 19, 2020) the 4 teams participating in the competition set out to build a creative engineering product – a programmable electrical installation with a cabin that will move in a space of the size 1/4 m³. The 16 participants were provided with a set of Arduino components, electrical, electronic and mechanical parts, the assistance of the FEIE teachers – Marcel BURDUNIUC, Lucian GRUȘAC, Constantin BOROSAN, FabLab experts – Ina BOTNARU and Vladimir SCUTELNIC, but also the support of the sponsors – SA Red-Nord, Volta, USAID Moldova, UKaid, Tekwill.

The HIGH VOLTAGE CLUB team (Danu CIBOTARI, Ștefan CRÎJANOVSCHII, Ion NIȚELEA, Cristi GODOROJA) set out to build a programmable installation with a cabin, able to move and park automatically in a multi-storey car park built for this purpose. The team aims to prove that this is an optimal solution for the city of Chișinău, where parking space is limited.

The idea of ​​the AD INFINITUM team (Gheorghe VÎRLAN, Octavian COJOCARI, Igor GROSUL, Dmitrie AGRICI) was to make a tower crane, manually controlled, able to move a certain distance, rotate 180° and lift/lower weights – a hand-made project, easy to assemble, which can be used in any type of construction.

The INOVAPARKING team (Ion PLEȘCA, Corneliu RĂILEANU, Mihai GUȚU, Valentin BÂNZARU) proposed an engineering solution for an everyday problem – automated parking.

Finally, the X-DEVELOPERS team (Ian ZABRODNÎI, Grigore GUȚU, Ilia MITIOGLO, Marcu MARDARE) created an intelligent vacuum cleaner that works on its own, driven by an Arduino microcontroller that will receive signals from the infrared sensors, located at the front of the robot. The robot is able to bypass obstacles, stop and change course.

The installations created within the competition were appreciated by the jury constituted of: Ilie NUCA, head of the Electrical Engineering Department, FEIE-UTM; PhD Constantin BOROSAN, lecturer in the Power Department, FEIE-UTM; Mariana POGRIBAN, head of the Marketing Department, VOLTA, and Vladimir SCUTELNIC, representative of FabLab Chișinău, who nominated the winners:

First place (95 points) – X-Developers;

Second place (90 points) – AD-Infinitum;

Third place (88 points) – InovaParking.

The “Public Sympathy” award was given to the X-Developers team.

Dr. Victor GROPA, the dean of FEIE, praised the active involvement of students in this first edition of the “Electric Hackathon”, the competition being further organized in order to promote innovation and engineering creations. Congratulations to the participants and winners of the contest!

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