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Polina ARTEMINA won Best Window Display-V with a shop window-transformer

The Center of Excellence and Acceleration in Design and Technologies ZIPhouse hosted its 5th edition of Best Window Display – the contest that transforms the shop windows of local brands into festive exhibitions and adds more color to the city of Chișinău during the winter holidays.

In the current edition, the competition aimed to financially support a single design project of a single shop window, which corresponded the most with the requirements of the organizers in terms of street visibility, panoramic view and increased flow of pedestrians.

The competition offers excellent opportunities to both the brand chosen to acquire a unique shop window built according to a unique design concept, and the designer, who receives a new collaboration deal, a name in the light industry and a prize worth 10,000 MDL from the contributors of the project.

This year’s winning designer, Polina ARTEMINA, had two weeks to prepare the concept and two weeks to arrange the shop window. With a budget of over 20,000 MDL, she has created an exclusive shopfront – a transformer showcase, easily adjustable to any season.

According to studies, the shop window can increase the sales of a store by over 30%, and merchandising is an essential element in the success of a business, which is why ZIPHOUSE, together with its strategic partners, continues to develop and invest in this field.

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