We plead for an integrated present and future!

The International Anti-corruption Day, marked annually on December 9, is an important occasion to bring to mind the values of an integrated society: bearing of ethical principles, accountability and transparency of one’s actions.

The call to act with integrity is always valid for UTM. For many years, in the context of raising awareness among the university community on the issue of corruption and encouraging its members to expose this phenomenon, the UTM Anti-corruption Line, 7979-2929, and the mailbox anticoruptie@adm.utm.md operate at UTM, to which anyone can send suggestions, opinions, information to contribute to maintaining and improving the environment in the University.

Annually, during the Anti-Corruption Week, UTM carries out the institutional campaign “Education and training through integrity”, including civic education workshops and public lectures concerning information, anti-corruption education, ethics and institutional integrity, all taking place at all faculties.

The recently concluded partnership between UTM and the National Anti-corruption Center has strengthened the exchange of experience and knowledge in the field. The institutions agreed to make information materials available to employees through mutual exchange, to hold joint events and to implement staff development programs. In this context, NAC will provide internships for competent students with good results, both grades and attitude, and UTM will respond to the needs of staff training and continuing education, of specialization and retraining of NAC staff.

On the occasion of the International Anti-corruption Day, several public institutions will start the Anti-corruption Week, held under the auspices of the NAC and UNDP. With the motto “United against corruption”, the events will begin with the launch of the Integrity Calendar that will mark the joint effort to prevent and combat corruption in the Republic of Moldova.

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