The issue of architectural heritage addressed in a National Scientific Seminar

Between November 12-13, 2020, within the Department of Engineering, Law and Real Estate Evaluation, the National Scientific Seminar, with the title “The issue of architectural heritage in the Republic of Moldova. Evaluation of the building according to the International Evaluation Standards”, took place.

The seminar was organized within the Faculty of Constructions, Geodesy and Cadastre, in a hybrid format. The 58 participants – well-known specialists in the field, representatives of state institutions and commercial banks in the Republic of Moldova, addressed issues related to the historical heritage with architectural value in the Republic of Moldova, especially in Chișinău, from a technical, economic and legal point of view.

The research results of the international experience were presented in relation to: the criteria for considering the real estate as an object with historical and architectural value, referencing to the example of Romania, Ukraine, Great Britain, Austria, France and the Russian Federation (by Bulat Irina); evaluating the contribution of the protection and conservation of the architectural heritage to the development of the national economy, referencing to the example of the USA (by Moraru Angela); liability for violation of legislation on the protection of immovable cultural heritage, referencing to the example of the Russian Federation (by Ursu Viorica, Bostan Ina); tourism policies within the European Union (by Bârdan Veaceslav).

The other issues highlighted were: the aspects of excessive and incorrect urbanization of the historical districts of Chișinău (by Ivanov Valeriu); the importance of the defectology of the materials and constructive elements of the buildings with architectural value (by Albu Ion) and the study of the condition of the limestone masonry materials of the patrimony constructions with the proposal of protection methods (by Croitoru Gheorghe); principles of conservation and restoration of architectural heritage (by Marian Maria-Liliana).

More topics were discussed: the opportunities to capitalize on the historical heritage by including it in the economic system and the tourist one (by Chiriac Lilia, Bejenaru Mariana); the issue of architectural heritage in the context of the real estate market, and its evaluation (by Leșan Anna, Jitari Liliana, Albu Svetlana).

During the seminar, the National Evaluation Standards projects no.1 – Market value. Types of values, and no.2 – Terms of reference. Elaboration of the evaluation report, developed by the working group led by Prof., Dr. Svetlana Albu, were presented and discussed.

The organizers Albu Svetlana and Albu Ion express their gratitude to the participants for the reports presented and their contribution for achieving the objectives of the seminar.

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