Cyber security during a pandemic – the main topic of discussions at “Moldova Cyber Week 2020”

The Republic of Moldova is aligning itself with the states of the world that are consolidating their security norms and measures, in order to combat the growing threat posed by cyber attacks in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, between November 25-27, in Chisinau will be organized the annual conference dedicated to cyber security “Moldova Cyber ​​Week 2020”, entitled “Building a strong cybersecurity infrastructure in the New Normal”. The online event is a discussion platform for local and international specialists in the field, offering numerous opportunities for knowledge, exchange of ideas and experiences, successful collaborations, to identify innovative and effective solutions that could be integrated into local and global strategies. The event is held under the patronage of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, being organized by the Information Technology and Cyber ​​Security Service (ITSec) and the Technical University of Moldova (TUM) with the support of the International Union for Communications (ITU) and the Council of Europe(CoE).

Serghei Popovici, Director of ITSec: “We are facing a pandemic not only in the field of health, but also in the online space. Almost all countries in the world have witnessed an increased number of cyber attacks, which are even more complex compared to the previous years. As attempts are made to secure infrastructure, cybercriminals are finding new ways to bypass system and network security filters. Thus, cyber security is back on the agenda as a priority topic, because it is an essential factor to support the trust of citizens, protect businesses, but also maintain the digital security of our country in general. It is important to take concrete action to stop current cyber threats, but also to identify new opportunities to prevent potential attacks. Moldova Cyber ​​Week is an opportunity to promote an appropriate response to cyber threats and to encourage cooperation between local and international community professionals.”

Viorel Bostan, Rector of the Technical University of Moldova: “Cyber security can be considered as an opportunity for universities, as it is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Accordingly, the demand for qualified specialists in this field increases in direct proportion. Moldova Cyber Week is the platform that connects us to the private sector, which allows us to better understand the needs and expectations of industries. It is very important for us to train specialists who meet the requirements of the labor market and to get involved with the industry in research and development projects, in order to have more well-trained specialists in the field.”

“Moldova Cyber ​​Week” ensures the exchange of information and knowledge between experts, policy makers, industry professionals and academia. The 8th edition of the event will take place online, and the conference will be broadcast live on the website , on the Facebook page of the event, as well as on the platforms of the media partners:,


The program of the 8th edition of “Moldova Cyber ​​Week 2020”

The impact of COVID-19 has led organizations to adopt more technologies, such as Cloud, Mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT), and this has opened a new path for cyber threats and online crime. “Moldova Cyber ​​Week 2020” brings to the fore the challenges, threats and opportunities regarding cyber security in the “New Normal”.

November 25 – On the first day of the online event, along with high-ranking officials and members of the diplomatic corps, several international experts from Romania, Switzerland, Russia and other countries announced their presence. For 3 days, they will connect online for an exchange of experience and field expertise. Within the discussion panels, the 40 special guests will address the most current topics of interest:

  • Cybersecurity infrastructure in the” New normal”;
  • Key trends in cyber threats in 2020;
  • Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security;
  • Creating efficient cybersecurity ecosystems;
  • Redefining the cyber security of critical infrastructures;
  • The new post-COVID-19 reality. Cybercrime and financial fraud – cyber security challenges;
  • Strengthening cyber security at the national level;
  • Building a national cyber security capacity – lessons from other countries. Regional and international cooperation in the field of cyber security;
  • Tomorrow’s Cyber Security. Today: critical investments that require time and attention.


November 26-27 – There are two days dedicated to webinars – an exercise for group discussions, networking opportunities, question and answer sessions, but also deepening into actionable perspectives that strengthen cyber security strategies for the future, dedicated to all those interested in the field. During the 9 webinars, which will be attended by experts from the European Union, details and practical solutions on several topics will be discussed:

  • Protecting critical infrastructure with Cisco SecureX;
  • Investigating cyber incidents and responding to hybrid threats;
  • Cyber risk management in the information age;
  • How to identify and classify malicious programs using Yara;
  • Ensuring the cyber security risk in the new normal conditions;
  • SCADA security guide: protection of systems against intrusion.


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Strategic partners: Moldova IT Park, Sweden and USAID within the Tekwill project;

Main partners: Cisco, MUK;

Partners: Xontech, Huawei, Thales, Micro Focus, Elcore, GTB Technologies, IT Lab, Kaspersky, Micro Focus, MOLDATSA, Rapid Link, Simpals, German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

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