FTP students at the painting, engraving and calligraphy exhibition of the artist Valeriu HERȚA

The first and second year students of the program “Design and Printing Technology” of the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy visited the exhibition of paintings, engravings and calligraphy of the artist Valeriu HERȚA, also a UTM graduate (1982), which was displayed between November 5-22, inside the Exhibition Center “Constantin Brâncuși” in Chișinău.

Attending the exhibition offered students the opportunity to enjoy the originality of colors and tones of the paintings live, but also get accustomed to the impressive world of calligraphy, which induced their interest in this field of study. Although in his works he merges three genres of art – painting, engraving and calligraphy, the author considers himself primarily a graphic artist and admits that it was quite difficult to include all three genres in a unitary exhibition, in such a way that they harmonize together.

Beyond the attention he attracts through his paintings and engravings, he also places special emphasis on calligraphy, which he says is the art of beautiful writing (coming from the Greek words “callus” and “graphos” – beautiful writing). As the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy of the Technical University of Moldova is one of the few in Moldova where calligraphy is studied, students enjoyed both the works and the “story” told by the author about this ancient art: although it represents a mechanism that makes the connection between eyes, hands and brain, thus aiding intellectual development, in Japan, calligraphy is also used as a method of treatment and rehabilitation of the elderly, restoring the mobility of hands and fingers. In fact, previously, the artist organized several editions of the calligraphy contest “Latin Lilies”, based on the promotion of the Latin alphabet.

This personal exhibition of the graphic artist, painter, illustrator and calligrapher Valeriu HERȚA is the largest so far – both in area and number of works, but also when it comes to its level of importance and value. On the occasion of the exhibition, a catalog of graphic works was also published. In the future, the author intends to develop a catalog of his paintings and calligraphy works, keeping alive the continuous dialogue between the artist and the spectator.

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