The project “MFC – Management for Change” aims to develop an offer of continuing training in the field of educational management, which addresses the current needs and challenges of the management teams of TVET institutions and consolidates them in their activity.

On November 4, Elisa Deutschmann, OeAD educational coordinator, gave an overview of the project, noting that, for three institutions of continuing education in the Republic of Moldova in the northern, central and southern regions, UTM representing the Central region, training modules will be established in the fields of leadership, change management and quality assurance. These modules will be developed in collaboration with experts from the Pedagogical University of Lower Austria, trainers from Moldovan universities, as well as with a group of pilot TVET institutions from the Republic of Moldova.

Elisabeth Windl, vice-rector, presented the Pedagogical University of Lower Austria, reviewing the institution’s activities, as well as the structure of the continuing education for teachers and management in TVET in Austria.

Larisa Bugaian, Vice-Rector, presented UTM’s activities in the field of continuing learning, noting that UTM is currently the national coordinator of the MHELM project (Management and Leadership in Higher Education in Moldova), co-financed by the EU through Erasmus+ training for leaders and managers in higher education in Moldova, and the experience gained can serve as a support for the successful implementation of this project. Ms. Bugaian introduced the UTM team present at the meeting: Valentin Amarii, Head of the Directorate of Continuing Education, Vasilina Popov, Department of Continuing Education, Irina Tutunaru, Directorate of Academic Management and Quality Assurance, Rodion Ciupercă, FIMIT, Rafael Ciloci, FIEB Dean, Carolina Timco, Head SRI.

The participants discussed the results of the reference study, developed by Ion Gonța, national TVET expert, regarding the continuing training of teachers and managers in TVET.

On November 11, the members of the project discussed the existing curriculum in Austria and Moldova for continuing education in the field of institutional management, in order to identify training needs for the Republic of Moldova.

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