On Science Day, honors diplomas were awarded to UTM scientific researchers

As a sign of gratitude and high appreciation for their activity, merits and outstanding results in the development of research, for their responsibility and professionalism and for the promotion of the Republic of Moldova at an international level, today, on Science Day, marked annually in the Republic of Moldova on November 10, The Government of the Republic of Moldova awarded honors diplomas to the most prodigious researchers of the Technical University of Moldova.

The honors diploma from the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Ion CHICU, was awarded to Mr. Oleg LUPAN, Doctor in Technical Sciences and university professor, and the honors diplomas from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research were awarded to Mr. Nicolae SÎRBU, Doctor in Physics and Mathematical sciences, as well as the university lecturers Nicolai ABABII and Vasile POSTICA.

Congratulations, dear researchers!

Science Day was established in the Republic of Moldova by government decision, being marked in the context of the International Day of Science for Peace and Development, proclaimed on November 2, 2001, during the 31st session of the General Conference of UNESCO.

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