An important book donation for the UTM Library, from the American people

The book collection of the Technical-Scientific Library of the Technical University of Moldova was completed today with an important batch of books donated by the American nation.

Viorel BOSTAN, rector of the Technical University of Moldova, accompanied by Dinu ŢURCANU, vice-rector, Zinaida Stratan, director of the Technical-Scientific Library of UTM, and Georgeta GHENGHEA, deputy director of BTȘ, received today, November 5, an important book donation, which includes know-how topics in the fields of training at UTM: Guide to Good Food, Manual for Writers & Editors: a clear, authoritative guide to effective writing and publishing, Discovering Food and Nutrition, Landscaping, Introductory Horticulture, Culinary Essentials, Floriculture: from Greenhouse production to Floral Design, Ball Redbook crop production, Literature, American Heritage College dictionary, Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Ornamental Horticulture: Science, Operations & Management, Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms, Languages and their status, Architecture, United States History etc. 

Ms. Irina RUSANOVSCHI, who participated in the process of book donation in Chișinău, forwarded the decision of the partners involved to donate to the Technical University of Moldova this collection of studies and textbooks, in order to modernize the bibliographic media used in the training process at the University Technique of Moldova.

In their turn, the hosts, in the person of Rector, prof. Viorel BOSTAN, expressed sincere gratitude for this impressive gesture, mentioning that this donation will provide the necessary support in providing educational resources for future graduates of UTM. The Rector also thanked the American people for this initiative, noting that on October 9, Ms. Rusanovschi offered, through the same partners, about 200 copies of books of engineering, also donated to the UTM Library.

We are proud to be part of this beautiful initiative that was possible thanks to the bilateral partnership between North Carolina and Republic of Moldova, with the support of the US Embassy in Moldova, AO CICD “PHOENIX” (in the person of Mrs. Irina RUSANOVSCHI), Moldova World Children’s Fund, but also other partners who contributed to this donation.

Photo: Dorina PANTAZ

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