Constantin BOROSAN, about the benefits of ICT tools in teaching

Honored to be among the professors benefiting from the program “ICT tools in the teaching activity of UTM”, Constantin BOROSAN, university lecturer in the Department of Power Engineering, Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, UTM, shares his experience of being “assisted” by technology in his teaching activity and tells us about the importance of technology in maintaining an increasing efficiency in teaching.

– This laptop came at a very convenient time for me, when, in the unpredictable conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I had to adapt to the new realities as I go. The first step I took was to upload the course “Energy policies and energy market” on the Moodle university platform:, setting the course self-registration for all those interested (course address:

In addition to our own presentations, we diversified the teaching resources related to the course with additional informative materials, such as public policy documents, guides, studies, presentations from conferences, live streams from specialized events, etc.

Also, we integrated the tests for assessments and exams, exploring the possibilities of the Moodle platform. To my surprise, the test results appear immediately, compared to before, when I had to check for hours the tests written on paper by an entire torrent of students. Thus, I benefited from the possibility to manage my time more efficiently. At the same time, the subjective factor in the evaluation process was excluded, as well as any inappropriate influences and attempts at corruption – an additional argument in favor of remote classes and exams, which I really appreciate.

So far, I teach classes online, using the Microsoft Teams platform. This approach allows you to connect to classes from any corner of the world. For example, students who are abroad, in France or Italy, also attend the course I teach. In other circumstances, the hours they missed would have been considered as resits, but this way, the students manage to do just great.

A great advantage of online classes is that my students and I have become more environmentally friendly, because we have excluded paper from the teaching procedure. At the same time, in the online environment, you can switch from one session to another in just a few seconds, without polluting the environment due to the fuel consumed by the means of transport and without wasting precious time in traffic jams.

This semester we initiated a new lesson format. For each topic of the “Energy policies and the energy market” curriculum, I invite a representative from the actual sector, who works daily with public policies in the field of energy. This way, students have the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with potential employers and ask them the questions they are interested in.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that receiving this laptop is an honor for me and it also pushes me to be more responsible and dedicated. I express my sincere gratitude to the rector of UTM, prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, for this beautiful initiative, but also to the dean of FEIE, associate professor, Dr. Victor GROPA – for support and encouragement!

* * *

The program “ICT tools in the teaching activity of UTM”, launched at the initiative of the rector of UTM, prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, aims to emphasize and stimulate the quality, professionalism, enthusiasm and involvement of teachers in the evolution of the academic community of UTM by providing high-performance laptops during their activity at UTM. Thus, in the first stage of the program (January 2020), 1️5️0️ laptops were distributed, and in the second (October 2020) – another 200, which the nominated professors will be able to use in designing the courses for their department, in studying at the library or at home, in various symposia, conferences, internships, mobilities, as well as in teaching and conducting various online activities.

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