A project on the promotion and implementation of smart metering systems in the Republic of Moldova, submitted by the Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering within UTM and the Association of Energy Consumers of the Republic of Moldova, was approved for funding by the Council of the Energy Efficiency Agency, along with five other energy efficiency and renewable energy projects within the localities in the country.

The project involves the installation of more than 500 intelligent metering systems for electricity metering in the residential and public sector, expected to be done by the end of 2022. Based on the data, it is planned to carry out several analytical activities to assess the direct and indirect, immediate and future benefits from the use of these smart metering solutions. The piloting of the project will solve the problem of lack of data on the consumption profile in the household sector, which will facilitate the effective liberalization of the electricity market.

The Council meeting took place online, being chaired by the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Sergiu RAILEAN.

“I am glad to see that more and more localities in the country aim to implement projects in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. With such beautiful initiatives, we will be able to strengthen the country’s energy security and cope with climate change,” said Minister Sergiu RAILEAN.

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