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UTM Employees’ Trade Union Committee Award – Academic Vanguard, 1st Edition (2019-2020)

On 03.10.2020 and 05.10.2020, the Trade Union Committee of Employees of UTM awarded its first nominated union members with the Prize of the Trade Union Committee of Employees of UTM for their performance in the teaching and scientific project “Academic Vanguard”, 1st edition, 2019-2020.

The concept of this award was discussed back in spring, during one of the meetings of the Trade Union Committee of UTM employees back. The award will become an annual event on the occasion of the International Day of Education and of those working in the field. The basic criteria for appointing nominees include:

The union bureaus have designated their first candidacies for first edition of the “Academic Vanguard during a dialogue with the representatives of the administration of the university entities.

The awards ceremony was organized on the university campuses, in order to assure compliance to all the rules established by the National Commission of Public Health and the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. The event was attended by the rector of the Technical University of Moldova, Viorel BOSTAN and the President of the Trade Union Committee of Employees of UTM, Viorica URSU.

The rector Viorel BOSTAN congratulated  the UTM employees, emphasizing the importance of each one of them in the great UTM community, about their devotion and dedication, and their noble mission of educating generations of specialists trained at the university.

Several UTM employees were awarded diplomas of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, the laureates being:

Viorica URSU, President of the Trade Union Committee, congratulated all the Union members present at the event for their hard work, responsibility and professional devotion in their teaching activity.

This year, awards were given to more than 120 people from all UTM Trade Union Offices, both teachers and non-teachers. The winners received honorary diplomas and cash prizes.

At the end of the event, the President mentioned: “We want to award this annual prize to as many nominees as possible. Every union member is valuable to us, and only through a constructive discussion with the UTM Administration, we can defend all the legal rights of UTM employees, because we share the same objective, bilaterally”.

Below you will find the list of winners of the first edition of the “Academic Vanguard” Award, as well as the photo gallery.


https://utm.md/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Lista_nominanti_Premiul_CS-UTM_2020.pdf [1]

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