In the current year, the pandemic has largely affected our daily lives, including the admission process. To what extent did UTM manage to cope with this challenge? What career guidance innovations have been implemented? And how was the activity of the Admission Commission appreciated by the UTM Senate?

This year’s Admission included a series of activities carried out mainly remotely, mentioned Radu MELNIC, the secretary responsible for the Admission Commission within UTM, in the report “On Admission-2020: sum-ups and prospects”, presented during a Senate meeting online. A considerable amount of effort has been made in the preparation and conduct of the admission campaign. Most of the activities were carried out online: the Open Doors Day; setting up the Call Center; consulting the admission candidates by e-mail, social media, various VoIP multiplatforms; the elaboration of the application for submitting the online documents and online payment of the registration fee for the admission contest; scheduling for the physical submission of documents in order to avoid congestion, etc.

This year, CEGHID, in collaboration with the Admissions Commission, designed and installed a Râșcani University Campus Map, along with indicators and banners, while the Student Service contributed to directing the flow of candidates for admission in the subdivisions of the Admission Commission. Information on Admission was posted and updated daily on the UTM page on Facebook. Information in the Admission section of the UTM website has been continuously revised and updated.

This substantial amount of effort had the expected results: within the Admission-2020 process, the numbers of students enrolled were the following: 2473 students for the Bachelor’s cycle, including: 1330 – within the state-funded program, of which 20 – part-time; 408 – within the program with a tuition fee, full-time, and 715 – part-time. For the Master’s cycle, a total of 663 students were enrolled, including: 595 – within the state-funded program; 68 students – within the program with a tuition fee. Thus, 6 places within the Bachelor state-funded program remained free, and all places were occupied within the Master’s cycle.

Consequently, the UTM Senate appreciated the work of the Admissions Committee with the indicator “very good”.

Based on the analysis of the results of the enrollment process in the current year and the proposals of the members of the UTM Senate, the Admission Commission will elaborate a plan of measures in order to further modernize and improve the activity carried out in this context. A plan of orientation activities for high school graduates and colleges/centers of excellence for the Admission process of 2021 will be developed, involving representatives of the faculty, students and graduates of UTM.

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