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Are you a freshman at UTM? Read the Guide!

“Are you a freshman at UTM? Put your seatbelt on and get ready for a rush of adrenaline!” – a team of enthusiasts from UTM have developed the “UTM Student Guide, 2020-2021”, recently published on the University website – https://utm.md/administratia/raporturi-si-planuri-anuale/ [1]

The creative crew, Ina BOTNARU and Vladimir SCUTELNIC – managers at FabLab Chișinău, Constantin CAZACU and Roman BOTEZAT – students of Software Engineering (FAF-FCIM), together with the designer Serghei ALADIN, have highlighted all aspects and answered the most frequent questions that interest the newly enrolled students: what is UTM; how are studies organized here; how to avoid resits and plan out your breaks thoughtfully; how to remember your schedule so that you get rid of an extra headache; where to find the tastiest and most accessible food delights (the student cafeteria), but also how to stay in shape and join the University gym or a sports club.

The UTM graduates give you suggestions on how to make money by studying or which scholarships you can benefit from; how to become a second Einstein and where the faculty library branches are located; how to take care of your health and where the Medical Center is located; how and where to meet young enthusiasts like yourself with whom to discover the available opportunities for volunteer activities; what is social recognition, student self-government, student senate, careers, hubs, Erasmus, Lexis, CEGHID…

Did we awaken your curiosity? Know: no one will ever think for you and no one will make decisions for you! You have already taken a first step in this direction: you have become a UTM student. So, you’re one step closer to becoming a successful person. Welcome to the UTM family! Engineers create the Future!

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