On October 5, we mark a special day – Teacher’s Day. The vice-rector of UTM, Dinu ȚURCANU, spoke about the teacher’s role in our society and the daily challenges one faces, in the “Sputnik Moldova” studio.

– The educational system in our country is going through a difficult period, in which teachers must comply with the conditions imposed by the pandemic. During the pandemic, teachers are forced to face unprecedented challenges – their mission is to organize remote learning. Now, more than ever, the teacher’s work and his role in the intellectual development of young specialists is especially valued, because, along with doctors, they are at the forefront in this tough period.

Teachers are indispensable for the quality of education, as they encourage solidarity in society, create and promote authentic and correct models. However, a major problem in the educational system remains the remuneration of teachers and the financing of the entire educational process. In fact, the United Nations Organization also insists that teachers be better paid.

Without digital tools, the modernization of education in the future is impossible, and all these tools need funding. I am a supporter of a hybrid system of education, in which we will combine the traditional standard model and, of course, the digital tools, that help us keep up with the new trends”, remarked the vice-rector of UTM, Dinu ȚURCANU.

The Technical University of Moldova ranks first in the top of the best higher education institutions in the country, according to the latest report published by Webometrics in January. The higher education institution ranks 154th among those in Central and Eastern Europe, 838th among those in Europe and 2960th in the world.

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