Presidential scholarship for the best student – Mircea ZUBCU

Timid and quiet at first glance, but, according to his professors, worthy of being named the top student of the faculty, Mircea ZUBCU, in his fourth year at the specialty “Industrial Design”, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport, UTM, recently won the Presidential Scholarship for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Mircea participates in a multitude of projects and competitions, and for this, he says, it is important to always thrive to create something new. And in terms of creation, he is definitely number one! Mircea designed a pavilion for students, won an invention contest and became a collaborator of UTM, all while still being an undergraduate.

After being admitted to University, he already had an impressive amount of knowledge and a developed sense of beauty, due to graduating from the College of Fine Arts. He is now in his final year of University and speaks proudly of his specialty:

– “Industrial Design” is about creating shapes – from a simple button to a spacecraft. It’s great to be able to work and create in teams of engineers, who share the same passion for creation through engineering!

He is very active in the projects and competitions conducted within the University, and his efforts do not go unnoticed – he was proposed the title of engineer within the department, a position that allows him to continue creating. This summer, he designed a wooden pavilion for UTM students, located on the Râșcani university campus.

Teachers say that when they decided who to nominate for the Presidential Scholarship, the choice fell unanimously on Mircea ZUBCU, his aptitudes being truly impressive: the remarkable average of his grades, participation in various exhibitions, competitions, national and international conferences, due to which his professor, Valeriu PODBORSCHI, head of the Industrial and Product Design Department, nicknamed him the “headliner” at the faculty.

Through his achievements, Mircea ZUBCU also managed to impress the filming team of the TV station “Primul în Moldova”, which featured him in one of their episodes.

15 students in the country will benefit this year from the Presidential Scholarship.

Un prim interviu) Mulțumesc echipei PRIME, UTM – Universitatea Tehnica a Moldovei și șefului departamentrului Design Industrial si de Produs – departament UTM: Valeriu Podborschi pentru suținere și încredere. De asemenea le mulțumesc tuturor profesorilor mei)

Опубликовано Mircea Zubcu Четверг, 24 сентября 2020 г.

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