The University Information Center announced the winners of the 24th edition of the Merit Scholarship Program – the country’s best students of the 2019-2020 academic year! Among the 50 young winners, there are 13 students of the Technical University of Moldova: Andrian ANTON,  Irina APOSTOL, Adrian BÎRNAZ, Elena EFTODI, Natalia GONCEARU, Nica GRAUR, Mihai JANU, Vladislav KOVALSKII, Ion MALEAR, Nicolai POSMAC, Ion SAMOIL, Mihaela STAMATI (Bachelor cycle) and Ion MANEA (Master’s cycle + integrated studies).

Despite not being able to attend a proper ceremony, which is traditionally conducted and organized by CIU, the students still received their well-deserved diplomas. We are proud of the success of these young men and women and we congratulate them for proving to be the best students of the academic year 2019-2020. We are confident in their growth, knowledge, skills, talent and their drive to preserve their title of being among the best.

Congratulations, dear students!

The contest is traditionally organized by the University Information Center, with the financial support of the program partners, BC “Moldova Agroindbank” SA and Orange Moldova, under the auspices of the Board of Rectors of the Republic of Moldova. The best Bachelor’s and Master’s students in the country benefit from 50 scholarships worth 12,000 MDL each. During this edition of the competition, 155 students from 17 higher education institutions in the Republic of Moldova submitted their documents, and as a result of the evaluation of the application files, 34 students in their last year of studies within the Bachelor cycle (including the penultimate year of the integrated studies) and 16 students in their first year of studies within the Master’s cycle (including the last year of the integrated study programs), from 13 higher education institutions in the country became the winners of this year’s “Merit Scholarships” program. The 50 winners were selected by an Independent Commission of Experts, consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, the academic community and civil society. In total, during the 24 editions of the program, about 5900 students participated in the contest, of which 1550 benefited from Merit Scholarships.

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