An automated parking system will be built in the capital. A unique project, which the Chișinău City Hall will implement in collaboration with the Technical University of Moldova. The plans were discussed yesterday with the UTM administration and the Public Property Agency.

The mayor of the capital mentioned:

– This will allow us to place ourselves in an innovative ecosystem, with the help of smart technology. We are currently conducting discussions with the Public Property Agency, in order to identify the locations on 31 August 1989 Street, where these parking spaces will be arranged. However, this will happen only after all the procedures related to the design of the parking lot and other aspects included in the repair works of 31 August 1989 Street will be completed.

At the same time, we are going to sign a partnership agreement with the Technical University of Moldova on different areas of intervention, from consulting to the active participation in the expertise of the projects implemented by the municipality. We need the knowledge and experience of young specialists from the engineering and IT faculties of the educational institution, both in the process of rehabilitation of road infrastructure in the city and in the process of city administration.

We are hopeful to have such beautiful collaborations and partnerships with more educational institutions in the country.

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