The students of UTM finally reunited, now especially cautious in the circumstances of Covid. The freshmen and seniors were welcomed with newly renovated university spaces, new access roads and, more recently, new outdoor study and leisure spaces – all the necessary conditions for the implementation of the hybrid system of education, which UTM proposes.

At the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, the students declared not to have gone through any substantial changes: the distribution of students one per table during their practical classes is not something new for them. The only noticeably unusual thing is the requirement to wear masks during the courses. However, having returned to the University, the students had the opportunity to take advantage of the sunny weather and leave the auditorium for a drawing class outdoors, in the front yard of the study block. In this regard, the students of the academic group ARH-192 were delighted by the new furniture in front of the study block no. 9.

In one of the auditoriums of the Department of Design and Printing Technologies within the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy, we found the students of the academic group DTP-191, during a lecture in full swing, discussing solutions for the pre-established objectives of their course. Their state of mind is to be appreciated: “While within the halls of the faculty, we are creative and eager to express ourselves!”

At the Râșcani campus, in addition to the multiple transformations and modernizations conducted during summer, the students are particularly thrilled about the renovated auditoriums and the new recreation areas with pavilions designed by UTM engineers. Additionally, in order for the students not to form queues next to the schedule board, special QR codes were generated for each board. These can be scanned with a smartphone, and the phone immediately displays the schedule in electronic format. Thus, crowding the hallways is avoided in order to comply with anti-Covid measures. Now, the motto we follow is “First and foremost, you are the one responsible for your health!”

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