On the occasion of the beginning of a new academic year, the Technical and Scientific Library UTM urges teachers to contribute to increasing the quota of evaluation of the University within the international rankings Webometrics by submitting works in Open Access.

The UTM Library reminds that, in the context of the global Open Access to Information movement, in 2016, it initiated the creation of the Institutional Repository (IR), through which it aims to promote the image of the University and the visibility of UTM researchers. In order to increase international visibility, the Institutional Repository http://repository.utm.md was registered in the Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR) and the Register of Open Access Repositories (ROAR).

The placement of documents in the IR is conditioned by the Regulation on the organization and functioning of the UTM Repository http://library.utm.md/IRTUM/Regulament_IRTUM.pdf.

University subdivisions involved in the organization and development of the Repository:

► Technical-scientific library of UTM;

► Scientific Investigations Department;

► Journal editorials: Journal of Engineering Science, Journal of Social Sciences.

► «Tehnica-UTM» Publishing House;

► Information and Communications Technology Department.

The library staff archives the publications received from authors (articles, didactic publications, monographs), the articles from the conferences organized by UTM, doctoral theses and other types of publications, which are mentioned in the UTM RI Regulation.

The current structure of RI, with the possibility of navigating and accessing the content, can be found on http://repository.utm.md/community-list, and the download version of the structure of the Repository can be accessed here: Structura_RI_UTM-sept-2020.pdf

Academics are encouraged to contribute with electronic versions of pre-print or post-print scientific publications, in order to be archived in Open Access IR. These can be sent by e-mail ► digital.library@lib.utm.md.

If questions arise regarding the format of the document, the accuracy of the metadata or the right to distribute the documents in open access, you can contact the staff of the Electronic Resources Service (University block 3, office 103).

UTM RI articles are indexed in Google Scholar. BTȘ provides informational support for profile creation in Google Scholar.

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