Crina GUȚU, student at the Faculty of Food Technology, the Francophone Branch “Tehnologies Alimentaires”, was selected for a two-month internship within the partnership between the National Office of Vine and Wine (ONVV) and L’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF).

Although she is only halfway through the internship, Crina happily agreed to share her current experience, which she dreamed about for a long time. She says that she has been given one of the most coveted tasks here – to work with the Wine Register, and thus, to bring her share of contribution to the traceability of wine products. At the same time, the full involvement in this activity helps her to discover a number of new things regarding the potential of the wine sector, the quality of the raw material and the bottled wine, but also about the competitiveness of these products on the internal market and especially on the external one.

During the internship, so far, she had the opportunity to participate in the fourth edition of the National Conference of the Wine Sector “Grape Harvest 2020: particularities and capitalization”, which was an opportunity to raise awareness about the problems the sector is facing, which creates jobs and contributes to the balance of exports in our country. The conclusions regarding the Moldovan grape harvest of 2020 being the most modest over the last decade reflected the vulnerability of this sector and provided a great lesson, including for young specialists: any crisis offers opportunities as well, opportunities that must be exploited and which, in this case, used to build bridges to new markets for the promoting of Moldovan wine.

On the occasion, the student Crina GUȚU wanted to send a message of gratitude to the professors, her university mentors, but also to Mr. Ștefan IAMANDI, expert within the National Office of Vine and Wine on creating and maintaining the Wine Register, as well as to all ONVV specialists, from which she learned a lot of things that, no doubt, will be very useful in her professional career and personal development:

“I was looking forward to starting this internship. In my opinion, I was given one of the most important tasks – working with the wine register under the supervision of Mr. Iamandi. My responsibilities include the verification of the wine register and the monitoring of the activity of the wine units. After the first week of internship, I began to know much more about all the terms of the wine estate, and improve my attention to detail. I think that, through this internship, I will learn a lot of new things that will prove to be extremely useful for my career path, but also for my personal development. I will do my best! ”

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