The World Federation of Scholars (FMS) has designated the winners of the 10 scholarships awarded in 2020, worth 150 Swiss francs per month, for doctoral students in the Republic of Moldova. Among the winners is the young researcher Irina GRUMEZA, Doctoral School of Food Science, Economic Engineering and Management, UTM, third year, who is also the holder of the Excellence Scholarship of the Government of the Republic of Moldova for doctoral students for 2020.

Happy for the extraordinary success obtained in this prestigious competition, confirmed by the letter received from the President of the World Federation of Scientists, Prof. Antonino ZICHICHI, PhD student Irina GRUMEZA says that the FMS scholarship crowns her scientific achievements in the food industry during her doctoral studies. These are confirmed by 3 publications in various scientific journals, 9 articles in scientific collections, 4 patents and 14 presentations at various scientific forums, resulting in 3 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 3 bronze medals.

With this new success in the record, the current academic year is proving to be a very promising one. Along with her scientific coordinator – PhD, associate professor Artur MACARI, the director of the Doctoral School of Food Science, Economic Engineering and Management – Ph.D., prof. Pavel TATAROV, the dean of the Faculty of Food Technology – PhD, associate professor Vladislav RESITA, but also the head of the Food Technology Laboratory within the Scientific and Practical Institute of Horticulture and Food Technologies – PhD, associate professor Larisa IUȘAN, the PhD student Irina GRUMEZA plans to further explore the priority research field chosen according to the FMS Regulation – Food.

The topic addressed in the research project “Capitalizing on the nutritional and biological quality of meat muscle tissue compositions by combining with vegetable lipids of seed groats” is a continuation of her doctoral thesis “The technology of semi-finished products from minced sheep meat with the addition of bioactive compounds”. The main focus will be on the study of the influence of vegetable fats from groats on the fat content in minced meat.

Passionate about what she does, she can talk endlessly about the most valuable food in the world – meat, which is the main subject of her research, but also part of a goal for humanity, in the current conditions. Aware of the importance of a healthy diet, consumers are increasingly preferring foods with high nutritional and sensory values. Although it is a highly sought after product, excessive consumption of meat, rich in saturated fatty acids, is thought to increase cholesterol levels, associated with various chronic diseases, including cardiovascular. That is why substituting or reducing animal fat in meat products could create a better image for the industry. Animal fat in products can be reduced by adding more water, by replacing it with vegetable fats and/or oils, or by adding hydrocolloids such as dextrins, starches, fiber. In other words, in order to ensure a healthy diet, new processing techniques with a new nutrient system are necessary for meat products.

The research will be carried out in the laboratories of the Faculty of Food Technology within the Technical University of Moldova. The raw material and auxiliary materials will be purchased in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the normative technical documentation in force, and the experimental samples will be prepared in accordance with the manufacturing recipes. Modern methods of analysis of the finished product will be implemented, such as the gas chromatographic method, using a gas chromatograph, equipped with a flame ionization detector for the finding of fatty acids. The project will end with the presentation of a research report, but also of scientific papers published in scientific journals abroad.

The scholarship of excellence awarded by the World Federation of Scholars in accordance with the FMS Regulation “Rules and Guidelines of National Scholarship Program” for the academic year 2020-2021 is addressed to doctoral students studying in years II-III and young researchers up to 35 years old. The competition was attended by PhD students and young researchers from the Technical University of Moldova, the Agricultural State University of Moldova, the Research Institute for Field Crops “Selecția”, the Oncological Institute, the Institute of Ecology and Geography, etc. The winners of the scholarship are 10 PhD students and young researchers.

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