A great friend of UTM, Professor Jean Barloy, passed away.

As a professor at Agrocampus Ouest, France, he had a fruitful collaboration with UTM within the TEMPUS projects, since the 90s of the last century. The first collaboration was within the project “Applied Economics for Agri-Food Engineers”, 1999 selection, within which the Master’s program in applied economics in the field of food industry was created and postgraduate studies were organized, as well as the adjustment of the curriculum of training of engineer-economists. Another 6 projects followed, which marked the engineering training at UTM: “Master’s program in food quality and sanitation”, the 2002 selection, as well as the entire educational system of the Republic of Moldova: “The scenario of adaptation of higher education in the Republic of Moldova. Moldova at the Bologna Process”, 2004 selection, “Implementation of an institutional system for management and quality assurance of training in higher education in the Republic of Moldova”, 2005 selection, “Training within scientific doctorate: Doctoral School”, 2006 selection, “Development of partnerships with Moldovan enterprises”, 2008 selection. The last project coordinated by Jean Barloy was “Creation of a thematic university network in applied and economic sciences in Moldova”, 2011 selection, which laid the foundations of online training at UTM. 

For his merits, on March 26, 2002, Professor Jean Barloy was awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of UTM.

Rest easy, dear friend.

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