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A priceless ERASMUS experience

Meet Maxim BARCARI, a third year student within the program “Architecture”, of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, who, despite the pandemic, had the wonderful opportunity to experience a memorable semester at the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning in Bucharest, benefitting from an ERASMUS mobility.

– I am very happy that I had the chance to benefit from this internship and to live the aspired story of an ERASMUS student! Because it is a program that opens up multiple opportunities. And it’s not just an occasion to diversify your studies, but also to discover the world, to live in another city, to study in another university, to meet new people and make new friends. I had high expectations from this internship, primarily from myself. Expectations that were intertwined with feelings of concern, when, after less than two months of mobility, the epidemiological situation worsened and the format of the mobility underwent radical changes.

Switching to online studies has been difficult for everyone. However, the professionalism and dedication of the administration and teachers, who have always been by our side, has helped the situation. Teachers have guided us through any challenges we encountered along the way, even during the holidays or on weekends. In fact, the teachers gave us a lot of useful information, however, our main focus was to work individually. In order to succeed in some classes, we had to study hundreds of pages of additional information. Thus, the university library, with a rich collection of books in various fields, not found in bookstores, was the main attraction, but also a refuge, for students.

I also really enjoyed the cafe near the university – a very popular location, also known for its delicious coffee, for which we, the architects, have a great weakness. The cafe adjoins a bookstore, favoured for its specialized textbooks, some of which are very rare.

The revelation of the internship was the unique occasion to have met Mr. Gabriel Răzvan-Sava, the representative of the ALLBIM NET company, whom I have known since the 2019 ALLPLAN courses, at UTM. He invited me to the Allplan Bim Trainers event, which I attended with a talk on “The Future in Architectural Programming.”

In a short time I managed to make a lot of friends, with whom even now, after completing the mobility, I keep in touch.

My experience as an ERASMUS student is incredibly valuable to me. I advise the young people who have the chance to study through an ERASMUS program to take full advantage of this opportunity. A mobility internship passes quickly, but the experience gained is priceless!

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