Dear future students! The first stage of the 2020 Admission Process has ended. The UTM Admissions Commission has examined all the files submitted physically and online, and sincerely congratulates the candidates who managed to submit the documents and successfully passed the admission competition, being enrolled in the study programs they opted for. Welcome to the great family of UTM!

In the next 11 days, the documents in their original format will be submitted by those who have not yet managed to do so. We remind you: if you have submitted the documents online, they have already been processed and there is only one step left towards becoming a student of UTM – submitting the original documents.

You are expected to come between August 8-18, 2020, to:

  • study block no. 6 from 9/8 Studenților Street – if you opted for the faculties: Electronics and Telecommunications (FET); Mechanical Engineering and Transport (FIMIT) and Power and Electrical Engineering (FEIE)
  • study block no. 3 from 9/7 Studenților Street – if you opted for the faculties: Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics (FCIM); Food Technology (FTA); Architecture and Urban Planning (FUA); Construction, Geodesy and Cadastre (FCGC); Economic Engineering and Business (FIEB); Textiles and Polygraphy (FTP).

To view the interim results of the UTM 2020 Admission, visit the following link:

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