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UTM is preparing for several scenarios for the 2020/2021 academic year

The rector of the Technical University of Moldova, prof. Viorel BOSTAN, considers that it is very unlikely that the new academic year will take place under standard circumstances, a hybrid scenario being still up for discussion, in which the student will show up in small groups only for participating in applied/practical activities, laboratory work, lectures for courses with a small number of students present in the classroom, the lectures for a larger number of students (100-200) being held online – these measures will also prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Depending on the further evolution of the epidemiological situation of the COVID-19 infection and the recommendations of the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission, but also the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova, the scenario we hope to implement as from spring, is to return to the standard way of teaching – incredibly necessary for higher education in technical engineering. However, it is very unlikely that we will return to the standard way of teaching starting with September. We would like to, but I don’t think this will be possible, the UTM rector pointed out.

Because the integration of first year students into the large UTM family, especially during current circumstances, is an important factor of the scenario discussed, at the initiative of the rector, working groups were created in order to film lectures and seminars, but also laboratory classes for first year students, which will cover the course material for about 18 courses, related to the following fields:

The recorded video classes will be stored on the University platform, available for anyone with access to the web domain – utm.md. This does not mean that students do not have to go to classes, however, the student will be able to watch the lecture repeatedly as necessary, this being, indisputably, an additional support in the case of the hybrid study scenario.

In this context, being coordinated by Mr. Dinu ȚURCANU, vice-rector of UTM, and Mrs. Natalia BURLACU, associate professor. Dr. at Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics, working groups were organized, which identified the curricular content to be filmed for each course (lecture, seminar, etc.), the number of hours of filming was established (lecture hours, seminar hours and, as the case may be, laboratory works), the duration of filming a lesson was established, depending on the course, and the teachers participating in the filming of the courses were identified and designated.

The filming locations within the university study blocks were selected depending on the type of lesson and the specifics of the course. On a daily basis, the employees of the Information and Communication Technology Department, under the auspices of the head of the department, Mr. Vasile CHETROI, record and, subsequently, edit hundreds of filmed hours, so that, from September 1 onwards, in addition to the IT tools widely used by the teachers of the Technical University of Moldova, there are video lessons to aid the students.

Currently, the staff and teachers involved in this large-scale project have filmed over 400 academic hours and already edited over 200 hours, the goal of the project being about 1000 academic hours, available from September 1.

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