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Modern conditions for studying and a decent living in dormitories

“Our goal is to assure an optimal studying process for our students by providing the necessary modern conditions in classrooms, but also decent living conditions in dormitories”, said the rector of UTM, prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, while inspecting the dorm no.12 of the University, where, currently, renovation works are being done in corridors, kitchens, rooms, bathrooms and engineering networks.

Together with the vice-rector Dinu ȚURCANU, the head of the Technical Directorate Dorin TROFIMCIUC and the head of the Directorate of Students and Student Activities Anatol ALEXEI, the rector inspected the progress of the repair works of dormitory no.12, at the location. As assessed, the students will benefit from “turnkey” renovations: flatting and painting the walls, changing lighting fixtures, doors, windows, flooring, new furniture and sanitary equipment.

In actuality, the renovations have been extended to all university spaces, with dozens of types of works being carried out at each point of UTM: capital improvements, current, interior and exterior improvements in classrooms, laboratories, halls, stairs, galleries, but also for facades and roofs, change/installation of electrical networks, sanitary blocks, hundreds of radiator sections, thousands of sockets, switches, lighting fixtures, various equipment for recording thermal or electrical energy, but also a series of works for the arrangement of adjacent territories 

For the past two years, as a means to create modern conditions and assure decent living in dormitories, UTM has invested over 6️ 0️0️0️ 0️0️0️ lei in the renovation of dormitories, in order to ensure the necessary conditions so that students can comfortably focus on their studies.

Dear admission candidates, choose UTM with confidence! Here, you will benefit from modern studying conditions and a decent living in the University’s dorms!

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