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Sessions of promotion of the eTwinning platform

Two sessions of promotion of the eTwinning program entitled “eTwinning – European educational partnerships” were included in the agenda of the workshops of the National Digital Literacy Program for general education teachers [1], on July 29, 2020.

More than 70 teachers in general education in various regions of Moldova were informed about the opportunities offered by the eTwinning program for teachers, schools and community – assistance programs in the field of education, teaching resources, thematic groups and professional development at national and European level. It was highlighted that eTwinning promotes European values, educational collaboration through communication and information technologies, project-based learning and the use of web tools in the training process, the development of global skills in students, providing assistance, services, tools and free continuous education opportunities.

Additionally, the steps to be taken in the pre-registration and actual registration process of teachers on the eTwinning platform was presented. As from 2020, registration on the eTwinning platform is also open for schools and teachers in the Republic of Moldova, who meet the following conditions for participation: the teacher works in a pre-university education institution, has skills in using information and communication technology (ICT), is interested in participating, together with his students, in eTwinning teaching projects developed online on the platform https://plus.etwinning.net [2], knows at least one language of the eTwinning community (knowledge of English offers teachers more opportunities to get involved in projects developed by the eTwinning platform, as well as participation in online and field courses and events, vocational training, organized internationally), the pre-university education institution has computers or laptops, mobile phones, tablets, connected to the internet, which facilitate online collaboration, and necessary equipment for online communication with eTwinning project partners (headphones, microphone, video camera). At the same time, the commitments and responsibilities attributed to the teacher when joining eTwinning were mentioned, as well as the recognition and valorization of the work submitted by the teachers within the eTwinning projects and the collaboration of the team of teachers within the institution.

The eTwinning program is part of the Erasmus+ Program [3], co-financed by the European Commission and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova.

To visit the eTwinning website, click here [4].

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