The famous Park of the Technical University of Moldova – a museum of outdoor technology – is a tourist attraction not only for UTM students and Chișinău residents. Given that, this year, the UTM Admission Commission was located in the Râșcani academic campus, this architectural gem attracts the attention of all residents of the Republic of Moldova.

The story of over 15 years of this famous park, unique in its kind, was told by Dinu ȚURCANU, UTM vice-rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, invited to the show Tezaur Folc TV. Details – in the video below.

For the interview on the Tezaur Folc TV page, click here.


Dinu Țurcanu, prorectorul UTM, ne-a dezvăluit povestea parcului superb de pe teritoriul instituției.#dinuturcanu #UTM #parc #ocafealatezaur

Опубликовано Tezaur Folc TV Среда, 29 июля 2020 г.

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