Andrian GALAJU is a graduate of the specialty “Law” of the Faculty of Constructions, Geodesy and Cadastre, UTM, class of 2011.

Holding the position of a registrar, he delivered a new impetus in the activity of the sector of cadastre, real estate register and property management within the Cahul Territorial Cadastral Office. As an individual of a very energetic nature and with an unbridled desire to develop continuously, he enrolled, in 2013, in the Master’s program “Real Estate and Cadastral Law” within UTM, which he later successfully completed.

Andrian currently works as head of the Cahul Multifunctional Center, a subdivision of the Public Services Agency, with the objective of applying the one-stop shop principle to the provision of public services to individuals and legal entities, registering the population: identity documents, state registration of civil status documents, state registration of legal entities, state registration and valuation of real estate, according to the fields of competence. The position, as esteemed as it is important and requiring of responsibility, seeks, first and foremost, to exempt citizens from bureaucracy.

He says that he has always wanted to work in this field, owing his results to his law studies and the professionalism and integrity of the teachers who contributed to his professional training. Andrian also has a short, but suggestive message for the current admission candidates:

– Dear future students, I wholeheartedly recommend the Law study program within the Faculty of Constructions, Geodesy and Cadastre within Technical University of Moldova!

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