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The Ministry of Education, Culture and Research continues to support the eTwinning Program

The promotion of eTwinning good practices is a continuous concern of the eTwinning Plus Moldova team, thus, on July 27, a meeting was organized between representatives of pre-university education, from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and the National Assistance Office eTwinning Plus Moldova, in order to establish new contacts, collaborative activities and the identification of strategies to promote eTwinning opportunities among pre-university teachers.

The eTwinning program was presented as a solution to current educational needs, even during COVID-19, as an innovative means of supporting students’ potential and individualizing the instructional-educational process, as a way to develop 21st century skills in students and collaborative skills through participation in online educational projects, as well as career guidance. ETwinning also provides access to a range of educational resources that contribute to the professional training of modern teachers – seminars and training events, thematic groups targeting the latest trends in education.

The impact of online collaboration between teachers from different member-countries of the eTwinning platform, the contribution of eTwinning ambassadors at national level, the prospects of implementing eTwinning projects, the recognition of eTwinning Quality Certificates and eTwinning schools at national level and eTwinning professional development opportunities at international level were also discussed. Certain challenges faced by teachers in developing eTwinning projects have been identified, such as the language barrier in communication in English, limited internet access in schools, but also about the commitments that teachers make by joining this platform.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Research will continue to support the eTwinning program, particularly encouraging the work done by teachers in eTwinning projects and the collaboration of the team of teachers within the institution to strengthen the idea of the ​​eTwinning School, where teachers of different courses collaborate and complete high quality interdisciplinary projects, recognized at individual level – through eTwinning quality certificates, and at institutional level – through the status of the eTwinning School.

It should be mentioned that the eTwinning program is part of the Erasmus+ Program [1], co-financed by the European Commission and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova.

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