Monday, July 27, marked a new beginning for many high school and college graduates, who came to the UTM Admissions Commission to choose their desired specialty/faculty.

Due to the pandemic imposing different conditions from those of previous years, the young people who decided to submit their documents to the Technical University of Moldova agreed to schedule a meeting in advance on the University website or by calling the Call Center and show up at the established time. For those who came without prior appointment, an electronic line was organized. However, all of them strictly complied with the proper protection measures by wearing a mask and respecting the social distance. The members of the Admission Commission were equipped with visors, masks and gloves, so that the admission process would take place in conditions of maximum caution and protection.

– We are glad that the top preferences of high school and college graduates include engineering specialties. To date, over 2,500 applications/admission files have already been registered through the UTM Online Application, and on the first day of admission, several dozen young people have already submitted their original documents, said Radu MELNIC, the secretary of the Admission Commission of UTM.

For some candidates, the first day of Admission also meant going through examination. Those who opted for specialties that require an entrance exam for admission took tests in artistic drawing, but also in English and French.

While the candidates went through the admission procedure, those accompanying them had the opportunity to enjoy the unique landscape of the most picturesque attraction of UTM – the outdoor park-museum of technology in the Râșcani academic campus, where this year’s Admission Process was located.

UTM is the university with the biggest number of state funded places: over 1,350 of the 5,000 allocated for all universities in the republic. The young people can submit their documents till August 4, and the preliminary results will be displayed on August 8.

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