“The engineer explores”, “The engineer innovates”, “The engineer creates”, “The engineer develops” – these are just some of the dozens of statements on the panels spread, today, around the route that connects UTM’s study block no. 3, the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics, with the FabLab Creative Industries Center, the ICT Training and Innovation Center – TEKWILL and the Center of Excellence and Acceleration in Design and Technologies – ZIPhouse.

This beautiful initiative of the rector of the Technical University of Moldova, Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, to creatively exhibit the role and contribution of the engineer to the process of creation and development of everything around us, but also to highlight the prospects of an engineering career, was conducted by the university subdivision responsible for promoting and disseminating the spirit of the engineering profession among young people – the Career Information and Guidance Center – CEGHID.

The initiative was carried out with the direct involvement of the director of CEGHID, who is also the secretary of the Admission Committee of UTM – Radu MELNIC, the deputy director of CEGHID – Natalia ȘESTENCO, the deputy secretaries of the Admission Committee of UTM – Iurie SUBOTIN and Roman GRIȚCO, but also the designer Macar NAGHIRNEAC.



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