Mihai IACOB is the director of the State Enterprise “Radiocommunications” – the main provider of TV and Radio Broadcasting networks and services for public and private audiovisual stations in the Republic of Moldova.

The company he manages has a prominent presence on the local market, and in this context, he states that much of the success he achieved is due to the fact that he graduated from the Faculty of Radioelectronics – currently the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications of the Technical University of Moldova.

– The knowledge gained at UTM built a good foundation for my professional future. While still studying at University, I was noticed by the management of SE “Radiocommunications”, which offered me my first job. I have always been and am grateful to the University and the teachers, as demonstrated by the fact that, currently, I am continuing my studies at the Doctoral School of UTM. The knowledge I have gained has helped me evolve and climb to the position I hold today and to contribute daily to the development of this field. I also urge you, dear high school graduates, to become students of the Technical University of Moldova, so that in the near future I can shake your hand and say to you: “Hello, dear colleague!”

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