Romina COTOVICI is an example of perseverance in the context of local fashion producers. Graduating from the study program “Industrial Fashion Design” within UTM’s Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy, she opened her own business – ASAGAYA, in which she creates high quality clothing products for ladies, who prioritize comfort, sophisticated tailoring and original design!

The clothing collections of the local brand ASAGAYA were displayed on various catwalks, including the festival dedicated to creative industries – Moldovan Design Week. Famous fashion designers appreciated the author’s originality and courage in combining various tools of architecture, fashion and photography in her “Post-Soviet Kids” clothing collection, in which she draws attention to the need of reinterpreting the Soviet heritage, present in the daily life of Chișinău. Her attempt to “play with fire” was also appreciable – by combining the shades of intense burgundy, galaxy blue, yellow, haki and green in her collection “Panic attack”, she rendered states and attitudes characteristic to people with certain conditions and their (in)ability to integrate into society.

Romina COTOVICI says that these abilities, skills, but also the style and courage, have been gained and improved at the University, with the guidance of experienced teachers and invited specialists in the industry. That is why she urges the young people who are today facing the decision of choosing their future professional path to look into the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy of UTM, which, quite fairly, is a challenge that deserves to be accepted!

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