The International Federation of Inventors’ Associations IFIA aims to motivate the scientific community to become fully involved in a broad process of research and innovation to discover technologies and solutions that will help combat the spread of the virus and reduce the number of victims. The efforts made for this purpose by inventors, innovative companies, universities and scientific research centers were honored in an international competition, organized online, with the title “Inventions VS Corona, Istanbul 2020” – “Invention Contest for the Benefit of Humanity Against COVID- 19 ”, 202 innovations of inventors from 35 countries of the world being accepted.

Among the works of the “Inventions VS Corona” competition is the project “Clothes Sensor System” – a set of clothing with sensors for children, created and exhibited by the university assistant Victoria COJOCARI-DĂNILĂ and associate professor, Dr. Stela BALAN, from the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy of the Technical University of Moldova, who were awarded the GOLD Certificate of the competition, signed by the President of the Competition Jury, Zoran BARISIC, and the President of IFIA, Alireza RASTEGAR.

The invention is a functional and informational clothing product, integrated with sensors, that detects the health condition of children with special needs, particularly to increase the survival rate. The product consists of two systems: the clothing product itself and the sensor system. It is worn by folding the flat parts/elements, forming holes for the head and limbs, thus offering the possibility of moving the limbs without twisting or disturbing the attached medical devices. Overall, the combined system provides information about the child’s health, and if necessary, allows immediate medical assistance.

The authors also earned a Certificate OF HONOR, signed by the President of IFIA, Alireza RASTEGAR, along with a message of appreciation and consideration for involvement in the process of discovering solutions to combat COVID-19: “Thank you for being part of the solution against COVID-19. We hope that your efforts and determination will continue and we thank you for your interest in Inventions VS Corona contest”.

The works that stood out the most in the competition will receive the necessary support to reach the global market through the global IFIA network.

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